Enabling breakthrough innovations on small-scale and affordable water supply for humanitarian crises

The humanitarian water challenge

Water scarcity is identified as one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Of the world’s population of 7.4 billion, 780 million people, which means one out of ten, do not have access to basic drinking water, according to the United Nations, due to very serious pollution, salt and very long distances. In 2030, 47% of world population will be living in areas of high water stress. In low- and middle-income countries, 38% of health care facilities lack any water source, 19% do not have improved sanitation and 35% lack water and soap for handwashing.

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Percentage of Population Without Reasonable Access to Safe Drinking Water

One of our innovations: the CED-technology produced by Boomym / Water Future BV

Innovation portfolio

Our cooperative enables breakthrough innovations (from idea to market) on small-scale and affordable water supply. These innovations provide great prospects to develop into affordable solutions to provide freshwater to people in regions with limited access to clean water, but with availability of brackish/saline and polluted ground or surface water. As such, our innovations also contribute to addressing slow-onset disasters, such as drought and salinization, by increasing the resilience and self-sufficiency of individual households and farmers in terms of their water and food security.

See our innovation portfolio for more information about the products we are working on.


DIHAD conference in Dubai

DIHAD conference in Dubai From 5th to 7th of March 2018, the DIHAD humanitarian conference in Dubai will take place, which connects and brings together humanitarian actors from all around the world. [...]

PADUCO fund granted for feasibility study in Westbank

PADUCO fund granted for feasibility study in Westbank The Palestinian Dutch Cooperation Fund (PADUCO) has rewarded HHCW with a research grant to conduct a feasibility study of the CED Desalination Device [...]

Innovation Fund HHS granted to HHCW

Innovation Fund HHS granted to HHCW The HHCW is grateful for the continuous support of The Hague University of Applied Sciences (HHS). We are happy to announce that the cooperative has [...]

Recent project

In April 2017, the Netherland Ministry of the Defense invited two engineers of The Hague Humanitarian Cooperative for Water to test the desalination device at a military facility in Mali. During these tests, the engineering team successfully proofed the performance of the device. 

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Water purification in Mali

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