Engineering for Peace

The smart integration of different disciplines and sciences can solve the complex and multidimensional challenges of our era. This breakout session will bring together technology and governance, two distant elements that are equally important when looking for practical solutions for some of the biggest challenges of the 21st century.

In our era, challenges reaching from climate change and water scarcity to the world’s population growth will be omnipresent on the developmental agenda of the international community. This session will introduce innovative engineering solutions that can help tackle some of these challenges. Speakers from different regions of the world will join to talk about among others, fish farming solutions to fight hunger, a clean energy stove to enable cooking in rural areas, as well as decentralized water desalination to lower water stress. While innovation can be a very powerful tool for change, this workshop will look into how good governance can be combined with technical innovation to maximize its impact. The Breakout session will not only provide elaborate information on the potential and functions of engineering in peace-making, but also serve as a platform for the audience and speakers to come together and share ideas and knowledge. Additionally, the link will be made to how innovation can impact Dutch peacebuilding efforts and vice versa. The session will be concluded with a workshop to both gather results and share expertise, business models and networks which participating organizations can benefit from.

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