Mission and Vision

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HHCW is pursuing to relieve water shortages and contribute to peaceful solution of conflicts by maximizing the number of people receiving safe drinking and irrigation water through breakthrough innovations on small-scale and affordable water supply.


Our mission is to make breakthrough innovations on small-scale and affordable water supply available to as many people in humanitarian demanding situations as possible.

Our cooperative, which was established in 2017, is a social enterprise that works with strategic partners to enable and facilitate breakthrough innovations (from idea to market) on small-scale and affordable water supply that meet humanitarian and market needs better than any available alternatives, and which can make a big impact.

Our cooperative helps promising innovations in the water sector to find its way to the humanitarian market. Often this is only possible if the innovation is also a commercial success, so that the cost-prices can be substantially reduced by increased production volume through an automated manufacturing process. For solving humanitarian water problems cost reduction is necessary for making our breakthrough innovations affordable and accessible for people in need.

Our cooperative provides tailor-made support on market research, marketing strategy, business planning and development, technical and economic feasibility studies, pilot projects, governance research, licensing and certification, fundraising and engaging potential investors, charities and launching customers via our extensive international network. All support can be sourced from our strategic partnerships with top-notch universities and institutes, governments and businesses in The Netherlands and abroad.