Our strategy includes five components


Cooperation with partners from different fields under the HHCW will offer new opportunities to sustain the existence of our innovations through grants, funds and co-investments. The cooperative is committed to reinvest any potential profits that are made back into achieving its mission.


We make the innovations available against cost price. In order to reduce the cost price even further, we aim to develop self-assembly kits of which all or most parts can be sourced from the region.


Poor people not only lack access to clean drinking water, but also lack access to energy, which is needed to operate the system. Therefore, our CED system comes equipped with a solar panel, which ensures a constant supply of reliable water. The residual energy of the solar panel can be used for other purposes, like indoor lighting.


Before testing the system in pilot studies and scaling up, we will study the governance requirements in close cooperation with stakeholders, to make sure the innovation is implemented in a sustainable, equitable and effective manner, tailor-made to local circumstances.


We are committed to sharing the innovation and its technology with everyone interested in using it in order to ‘spread the message’ as long as it contributes to the initial humanitarian purposes.